Selling Your Home

What is my home worth?

Determining the price to list your home is the first step to selling it. If you list too high, your home could be on the market for a long time. If you list too low, you could be losing out on thousands of dollars. 


I use several factors in the determining the listing price for a home. The first is always to compare similar properties, or commonly referred to as comps. The important thing to remember is, this is just the first step, becuase your home is unique.


My next step is to tour the home in person. This allows me to not only get a better idea of the home, but we can discuss any updates, remodeling, or even issues with the home. These can all play a large factor in what your are able to sell the home for. 


My final step is to sit down and talk to you about what you want out of the sale. At the end of the day, it is my job to make you happy, so if I believe the property is worth less than you were hoping for, we can discuss ways to improve the value of the home. Are you in a hurry to sell, or do you have time to wait for the right buyer at the right price? These are all factors in the price of your home.

Prep time

Now that we have determined what to list your home for, it's time for preparations. We will work together to determine what needs to be done to get you the most money for your home. This can range from simples straightening up to replacing carpet, painting, repairs, etc. We will also review the best procedure for showing the home. 


The way your home shows to a potential buyer can make the difference of tens of thousands of dollars and weeks or even months in the time it is on the market. 


Once we have determined the listing price of the home, the real work begins. I will take several steps to market and sell your home including, but not limited to;


  • Listing the home on the Arizona Multiple Listing Service

  • Providing a preofessional photographer to take photos of your home

  • Listing your home on sites like,, yahoo, and many others for potential buyers to see

  • Holding open houses

  • Having other agents tour the home

  • Local advertising in newspapers, magazines, or other outlets.

  • Displaying the listing in our office

  • Finally, you get to take advantage of being with one of the top companies in the world, as well as one of the top local offices. 



Closing the deal

Once we have an acceptable offer in our hands, it becomes negotiation time. I will work with you throughout the contract, inspection, appraisal and closing to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible.  I will coordinate all aspects of the transaction between the buyer, buyer's agent, inspectors, title agents, lenders, and whomever else is involved.


Selling your home is often an emotional and complex process. I am on your side to make sure that we are doing everything that is in the best interest of getting you what you want, while moving forward towards the ultimate goal of getting the home sold.

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